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Manchester United Dominance Coming To An End?

There is no club in the premiership with enough pedigree as Manchester United, but could we be seeing the end of their dominance in the English premiership.

Since the departure of their long time couch, Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United has been struggling to make it to the top four of the most prestigious league in the world, continuing with this season where it is likely they will come below fourth at the end of the season with their week to week performance. They have already be eliminated from the Champions league at the group stage after failing to make it to the Champions League the previous season under David Moyes.

The club had been unable to find their feet after the exit of Alex Ferguson who spend more than 25 years running the club and was the key to their dominance in the premiership, his handpicked successor David Moyes ran the club down to their lowest finish at 7th position before he was fired and the board decided to go for the experienced Luis Val Gaal, and after h…

Manchester United Shareholders Not Happy With Van Gaal

Its seems most shareholders of Manchester United are not happy with the way Van Gaal is handling things at the club as it seems to be affecting share prices. Share prices are dropping due to the bad performance which is reflecting on the financial situation at the club. Recall that the club spent almost 300million pound in strengthening the squad for Van Gaal and with seeming very likely that the club will go without any silverware this season and unlikely to make champion league, share prices are dropping with anticipated reduced revenue and couple with the fact the club might spend big again in summer on the transfer market. Will this add to the already pilling pressure on Van Gaal to leave?