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The man Atiku VS The Man Buhari

In respect to the just concluded primaries across Nigeria, we have seen all the presidential candidates of various political parties. But we all know who the two front-runners are in the sphere of politics in this country. When it comes to political parties and the personalities involved in the presidential race, no one can deny that the battle is between the incumbent, Mohammed Buhari of APC and Abubakar Atiku of PDP

These two can be regarded as serial contestants for the presidency of this country and permit me to say, both hold a record of the number of times anyone has contested for the seat of president in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, every election posses a different scenario that may give any man advantage over another, just like the scenario of 2015 presented Buhari the opportunity to defeat Goodluck Jonathan.
Fast forward to 2018 and the ball game is a lot different and a new hero and Villan had presented themselves to Nigerians. Let's first take a look at 2015, both Atiku and…