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Why Saraki Must Resign

The Senate President Bukola Saraki should resign or be pressured to for the respect of the position.

Nigeria should no more encourage corruption and any government official found wanting should resign and face the law. Many will argue that he has not been found guilty yet and thus no reason for him to resign, but as it stand if not that Saraki ambition and doggedness to attain the highest office at his reach he would not have been in this situation.

Recently the Icelandic prime minister resign after he was implicated in the Panama Paper Expose, we can say he did that to respect the office he was holding. But with the case of Saraki, as it stands Nigeria politicians has no respect for the office they hold, they cannot be disgraced out of office but forced out. And I can see the only way Saraki is leaving that post is to be forced out by the law and that might ultimately end his political career.

Now, Saraki should not only resign and go fight his case not just for the respect of the s…