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Juan Mata, The Unappreciated One

Juan Mata is most likely to be on the move again under no other than the special one Jose Mourinho once again. Juan Mata, a player who may have been getting used to disappointment of recent after missing out on being selected for Spanish squad in the ongoing Euro2016 is being chased away once more from a place where he thought as home.
Juan Mata who many people will testify as a player who is loved by his fellow players and fans alike, may be feeling much less appreciated for a player with his skills and ability as he is being sieved out as unwanted shaft in Manchester United as he seems supplus to Jose Mourinho. This is not the first time Juan Mata will be facing such predicament in his career. He was dished out of Chelsea by same Mourinho on his second return to Chelsea, after he, Mata has been the outstanding player for the club the previous two seasons. What may seems so unjustifiable was the way some fans quickly turn against him that he was not needed him the club and Mourinho …