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How to Watch Free Television Online

How would you like to watch your favorite TV show, series, latest movies and your favorite live sports events free online? You do not have to pay cable fee or worry about your cable subscription as you can watch and follow your favorite program anytime you like online. There are so many platforms available online that ensure you watch free television online and if you are sports enthusiasts, you can follow live sporting events like the champion league, live boxing match, WWE wrestling matches and so much more.

You can also watch free television online of your favorite Television series, shows and news anytime you are available online.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can watch free television online and they include:

Mobdro Free Television
Mobdro is an online application where you can watch free television on your smartphones. You may not find this application in your regular play store or Apple store. You will have to go to Mobdro home website or search for download …

How To Watch Nigerian Movies Free Online

Nigerian Movies industry popularly known as Nollywood has grown to become the third largest movie industry in the world. The Nigerian Movies has been accepted globally as people from all over the world enjoy watching these Nigerian Movies. So the Nollywood industry has grown to pass the shore of Nigeria and Ghana as it has become a global phenomenon.

There are hundreds of Nigerian movies being produced monthly from cultural movies, action-packed movies, comedy, and playwright. Fans of Nigerian Movies can watch Nigeria Movies online through various channels and enjoy films from their favorite stars.

The internet has become an avenue for movie lovers to stream and watches Nigeria movies since most people cannot get their hands on the physical copy. And in most of the channels that air Nigeria Movies are not available in most countries.

In this article, we are going to show you ways in which you can watch or download Nigeria Movie online:

Watch Nigerian Movies On Iroko TV

Iroko TV is th…

Short Story: The Village Visitor

A man after many years staying abroad decides to visit his ancestral home and establish a project to help the community.
This man has acquired great wealth and his intention to establish a project that will benefit his community and to use someone in the community to run the project was known to all.
On his arrival, there were guests who came to grace his honor with gifts in a ceremony full of fanfare to welcome him to the village. The man was greatly pleased with the community for honoring his presence and this spur in to do more for the community. However, he had one great concern, he wants one who has the best interest of the community at heart and he had no way of judging the character of the people around since they were all being friendly, cordial and in their best behavior to gain his favor.
He has seven days to stay before he returns to the city and he has to look for someone he can entrust the project with. Now he was swarmed with visitors each day from family, relatives and…