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Writing a Comprehensive Business Plan

A business plan is essential to running a successful business, and it involved more than just writing a business plan, but a comprehensive plan. A well thought business plan would consist of how to start the business, how to run the business and how to sustain the business. Thus in writing a business plan, you have to plan with what you have, forecast on what you will make in short and long term and how you will use the forecasted recourses to sustain and run the business.

In this article, we are going to highlight what you will need to write a comprehensive business plan. A good business plan should consist of the following:

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The purpose and intention of the business
Before venturing into any business, you must have a purpose as well as the intention of setting up that business. In drawing a plan for your business, the first thing to write down is the objective and intention of your business. What pur…

Simple Forex Daily Breakout Strategy

There are many reasons why I would advise anyone to trade forex using the daily timeframe, but first, you have to find a suitable forex trading method.

The following reasons are why you should consider trading forex using the daily timeframe:

• With the daily timeframe, you reduce the risk of overtrading; because you are focused just on the daily candle and you trade only once a day.
• You get to go with the trend and increase your potential of hitting your target.
• You get to trade your method consistently.
• There is a reduction in noise in trading with the higher timeframe such as a daily candle. With the higher timeframe, false signals are reduced with the higher timeframe.

Now, that we have listed some of the benefits of trading with the daily timeframe, the next challenge is looking for a trading plan. Now I will want you to look at an empty daily timeframe without any indicators. I am sure you will notice a pattern of candle breaking the daily high or low of the previous day.…

7 Reasons For Social Media Marketing For Your Business

With social media marketing, you can get your business to reach out to millions of people and increase your conversion rate and potential of making money. You cannot underestimate the importance of social media, with over millions of registered users and million active users daily. So you can imagine the potential of reaching out globally without no limit to millions of people.

So if you have not considered social media marketing, then its time to rethink your business strategy. Gone are the days of door to door marketing, and even telemarketing and email marketing are not as a result oriented as social media marketing.

In this article, we are going to highlight the advantages of social media marketing:

1. Reaching Out To More People
The potential of reaching out to more people when you make use of social media to market your products and services. There are millions of people registered on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and so on. …

6 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Money From Blogging

There is this belief that making money from blogging is no longer as easy as it used to be, well the truth is that it was never that easy as you think it used to be. What if I told you that, the same principle and effort that applied then will still make you money from blogging? Yes, in as much as blogging has become saturated, there is still room for everyone to make money from blogging.

Every day, bloggers keep on emerging and share their stories how they make money online from blogging. So, the question is why you are not making money from blogging after all these while and effort you have put into blogging.

Here are some reasons, why you are not yet making money from blogging:

Lack of Patience You started blogging, and after a short time, you lost interest and no longer take time to produce quality blog post for your readers. Maybe, you now lost interest, because the money has not started coming in as you predicted, or you do not pull enough traffic as you anticipated.

The truth…

How To Effectively Use Twitter For Digital Marketing

Twitter is one of the best platforms for digital marketing as it is popular around the world, with over 200 million active Twitter accounts of which 53 million are in the United States.
So with this number, you can understand why you should be active on Twitter to effectively market online. The 140 characters can do wonders as we have seen how Twitter and other social media platforms had influenced happenings in the world such as the Arab spring. And this can be used effectively in digital marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing, one can leverage the Twitter platform to reach out to more people and target audience that will be interested in your business. Social media marketing has played an important role in the growth of businesses online, and this is due to the ever-increasing amount of social media active users. And twitter being one of the most popular social platforms is a great tool for social media marketing.



Ways of Making Money Online From Blogging

Blogging is a way of making money online, and it has become way more popular over the years especially with Google Adsense as a major stream of income.

There are various ways of making money online, and blogging is one of such ways writers, and those who have the passion for words make money. Having a blog is very easy, as you can open a blog free of charge on blogger platform. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up your blog and start reaching out to people.

However, monetizing your blog is a more difficult task than setting up your blog. There are various ways of making money online blogging and in this article; we are going to list out these ways of making money blogging:

Make Money Blogging With Google Adsense Google Adsense is the most popular way of making money online blogging, and it involves registering for Google advert services. Upon completing the registration, you can now place ads on your blog that will fetch you money as more people visit your blog.

With Google Adsens…

Making Money Online: Wealth Cant Wait

You would have wonder why others keep making money online, and it seems that you are left behind, or you want to sustain your online income. Then you have to apply the principle of business that is as old as time itself. There is no monopoly on wealth as anyone can create wealth by applying wealth creation principles, which fortunately are not rocket science. Yes, anyone can make money as I am sure you would have been wondering why someone who you know you are more intelligent than seems to be making money online and you are not capable of making money.

Will you blame it on luck? Or maybe they know something you do not know and applies them to their business that helps them make money. The truth is that most of these people might not be aware of that they have these attributes that enable them to succeed in their ventures.

The truth is wealth can’t wait for anyone, and I am going to share this book on wealth traps to avoid so you can make money in any venture. Wealth Can’t Wait a boo…

Tips On How To Trade Forex Successfully

Forex trading is one of the ways you can make money online, and it has become popular over the years. However, they seem to be more people losing money trading forex than those making money online through forex. And analysis carried out on why there are more losers in the forex market than winners seem to deviate from the trading methods used by traders.

The reasons why some people fail in making money in forex seems to be psychological, impatience, lack of knowledge about forex market, money management and so on.

In this article, we are going to share some tips that will ensure you make money online trading forex. These tips apply to both newbies and professional traders, and they include:

Attend Forex School It is important that you learn how to trade forex before you invest money in the market. Learning how to trade forex is a continuous process, but you should spend much time learning the basics of trading.
I will recommend you attend the school of forex on babypips to learn al…

How To Make Money On Jumia

Jumia is one of the biggest retail online store operating in Nigeria and other countries in the world, and you can make money online from jumia. Jumia can be regarded as the number one online store in Nigeria closely followed by its biggest competitor, Konga and this is where many people shop for clothes, phones, gadgets and even groceries. While many people will know Jumia as a place where you can buy online, some others are making money from this platform, taking advantage of its global reach to millions of people.

How To Make Money Doing Anything Online

In this article, we are going to list ways in which you can make money online from the Jumia platform:

1. Become A Jumia Sales Consultant: Jumia is a well-known platform, and they are running a program that will help people to make some money whereas they make money as well. Jumia introduced a consultancy program, where they train people to become a Jumia consultant and assist them to sell the products on their platform as a middle…

Book Review: Why Facebook Marketing is #1

Digital marketing involves marketing your product, services or brand online and it has replaced the old traditional type of marketing with the evolution of the internet.

There are so many forms of digital marketing and they include email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing and so on. Social media marketing is one of the main sources of digital marketing with the number of people that are involved in the various social media platforms daily.

In this article, we are going to review a book title “Why Social Media Platform is #1” which is available on the Amazon store.

The book provides statistics on Facebook that will convince you why you should consider Facebook as your number one marketing platform. The book also explains how you can start a Facebook marketing campaign and get the best out of Facebook.

Get Why Facebook Marketing is #1 and get the best out of Facebook today.

The Importance of SEO for the Success of Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is the organic process of gaining reputation and getting ranked high on search engine result pages which are essential for the success of your business.

Search engine optimization SEO is very important for businesses since the internet has become the world source of information and with various platforms available for business transactions. Search engine optimization involves organic processes in the building of your website, using the proper keywords, plugins and other tools to optimize the website for your business for search engines.
SEO is a very complicated process and most big businesses employ experts in SEO to handle the presence of their business online and increase leads as well as profit of the company.
In this article, we are going to list some reasons why you will need to use search engine optimization for the success of your business, in our present world where you can find anything online. The reasons below are why you will need the services o…

How To Make Money Online Doing Anything

There are so many ways to make money online, marketing, selling, providing services or even trading stocks or forex online.
The truth in, just like in life, not everyone is going to make money online. Yes, some have given up on making money online, and even tag it as impossible. However they are a reasonable amount of people still making money online, and some even live on the money they make online.

This prompts the question, why do people fail to make money online? I would not want to analyze on why people fail, even though we can learn from failure as well. But I want us to look at how and why people succeed in making money online.

It will interest you to notice that they are no different attribute in making money online as in making money offline. As you can see in the point that we will discuss below.

You can make money online doing anything if you can follow some certain principles:

Take Action: this will apply to those people that have read the entire How To books to make money…


The internet had changed the way we do business over time, that we no longer have to meet one on one to transact business.
Businesses are transacted faster and easily online since the inception of the internet, with distance being no barrier. That is why as a good business person, you must have taken advantage of the internet to boost your business one way or the other.
We carried out a survey comprising a various sample of people, from business owners, student, office workers and so on. And we noticed that more than 50% of them do not seem it necessary for a business to have a website.
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In this article, we are going to list five good reasons why your business needs a website.
·Create an Online Presence: With the improvement in technology, most people can access the internet at the tip of their hand on the go, so almost any information one is looking for, takes just some clicks …


The internet had brought about new avenues in business, health, military and so much more, including stuff that we do every day like banking, shopping and so much more.
In business, the internet had help in so many ways, from the way we do business to time spent in doing business and also in reaching out to more client globally. The internet had also brought new opportunities, creating more business venture.
The internet had created job opportunities of all kinds, from a stay at home jobs and had also brought employees, recruiters, and employers closer.
In this article, we are going to highlight some businesses you can start online without capital:
1.    Writing Jobs: you can start your writing business, writing articles online and get paid for it without investing a dime in this business. You just have to sort for a client that will pay you for writing for them.  Writing skills has become one of the most sought after skills online and you can sought for jobs from most freelance platfo…


MMM has been the new game in town if I will call it a game because I cannot categorize it as a business. Regarding a business, I will classify a business as something or an idea that encourages productivity or ensure service is delivered and profit is made.
I cannot see any product from MMM or any Service being rendered in the name of MMM. Thus I do not see MMM as a business but rather as an opportunity being sized to make money. Well, there is nothing wrong in taking an opportunity that will earn you some quick buck, especially since you are not stealing or killing for it.
In this regard I will like to explain how people get scammed easily, they are drawn in by an offer so good to resist and thus they take the opportunity that will then sink them. This is the problem with taking every opportunity that comes your way, you will be prone to be scammed or being drawn into a bubble that will burst eventually. MMM has sunk in so deeply that even early skeptics have joined the train, as th…

3 Ways To Make Money Online

There are various ways to make money online as the internet had evolved since its inception, as it has become part of our life. We use the internet on a daily basis, for communicating, transacting business, shopping, and even entertainment. Over a billion people have access to the internet and through the internet people now make a living. In this article, we are going to discuss ways in which you can make money online:
1.Forex trading:
Forex trading has become popular with coming on the internet, as people can now monitor trade online from the comfort of their home. Forex trading is one of the most complicated ways of making money online, and you can learn the basics from babypips.
There are lots of forex broker but we will recommend XM forex broker as they provide quality services, offering $30 on completing your registration. You will also get up to $2500 on deposit. Register with XM to enjoy these benefits and start trading today.
2.Writing Jobs:
Well there are lots of people mak…


Trading forex is one the most lucrative online business which involves skills that can be acquired through training. You can learn how to trade forex by visiting Babypips.
One of the needed in trading forex is a good and supportive platform and that is what XM offers. XM is a very credible forex brooker with good quality support service. 
XM is offering $30 on registration, a no deposit bonus that you get as soon as you complete your registration. You can withdraw profits when you trade with this bonus. So it is a no loss for you if you are afraid of investing your money in forex.
They also run a very profitable affiliate program that you can make money from on registration without trading.
You can register today and start making money as a trader or affiliate by clicking HERE

10 Reasons To Consider Entreprenuership

There is enough room in the world for entrepreneurs and the potential to grow beyond measure. Now not all who goes into business become very successful but it’s no doubt a worthwhile experience. Being successful as an entrepreneur has to do with a lot of factors and one has to be really hardworking and determined to learn from each failure.

With the present economic situation, and the jobless rate, many governments in the world are encouraging young people to go into businesses providing some few incentives to encourage them along the way.

There are various reasons to go into entrepreneurship:

1. The present change in industries: Now there is a global change in which things are being done in the world. With improvement in technology, not many hands are needed in most industries so there are layoffs and fewer people are employed to carry out task that can be easily done with machine. Also this can be seen as an advantage for an entrepreneur as things can be done easily and more clien…

Profitable Agriculture Businesses

Agriculture is a very widespread field that involves a lot, from crop cultivation, animal husbandry to processing and selling of agricultural product. It has always been part of life even before man learnt how to cultivate crops and rear animals; nature has played the agricultural part for man.
Most times when we talk about agricultural business, most people just looked at it at just the farming and rearing process, but they are so many aspect in agriculture that from earlier days of men, it has been one of the main source of employment and from of livelihood as well as sustenance for man.

There are many businesses that can be ventured into in agriculture, some of these are;

1. Crop cultivation: this involve the normal we are all familiar with, the process of clearing of land, planting and weeding and harvesting. This involve lots of work and many people are not too interested in crop cultivation as it is labor intensive and time consuming. It is very common in the rural area and few goe…