How to Watch Free Television Online

free television online

How would you like to watch your favorite TV show, series, latest movies and your favorite live sports events free online?

You do not have to pay cable fee or worry about your cable subscription as you can watch and follow your favorite program anytime you like online. There are so many platforms available online that ensure you watch free television online and if you are sports enthusiasts, you can follow live sporting events like the champion league, live boxing match, WWE wrestling matches and so much more.

You can also watch free television online of your favorite Television series, shows and news anytime you are available online.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can watch free television online and they include:

Mobdro Free Television

Mobdro is an online application where you can watch free television on your smartphones. You may not find this application in your regular play store or Apple store. You will have to go to Mobdro home website or search for download page with your favorite search engine to get the download link.
With Mobdro, you will have access to over 100 channels to watch free television online. You will have to be connected to the internet to watch your favorite station. In Mobdro, the stations are categorized, for example in sports, news, and movies, documentary and so on. This makes it easy to identify the station you are looking for quickly.

With Mobdro, you can easily enjoy live sports games, live events, watching the news and be current with the latest movies and shows.

Follow this link to download mobdro


YouTube remains the most prominent online video streaming platform where you can stream videos through the internet. You can watch varieties of videos on this platform. You can watch movies, reality clips, sport and other forms of videos. Unfortunately, YouTube videos are not live as it is with other platforms where you can watch free television online.


When it comes to keeping up to date with the latest television series, then Hulu is the best platform to watch free television online.

Hulu will update you with the latest series just 24hours after its release, and this will ensure that you stay up to date with your favorite program. On Hulu, you can enjoy Watching television series, documentary, and animated special.

Click on this link to get to Hulu now.

Popular Stations Websites

Popular television stations like CNN, Fox, BBC and much more to provide some programs free on their websites. You can watch specific programs or replay of certain programs that are available on their platform. In most cases, these programs online have limited access.

With the internet and advancement in Smartphone applications, you can watch free television online from your phone. You can download these applications on your phone and have access to unlimited viewing from the palm of your hands.

You should visit these websites or download the application to start enjoying cable television for free on your internet-enabled devices.

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