Tips On How To Trade Forex Successfully

tips on how to trade forex successfully

Forex trading is one of the ways you can make money online, and it has become popular over the years.

However, they seem to be more people losing money trading forex than those making money online through forex. And analysis carried out on why there are more losers in the forex market than winners seem to deviate from the trading methods used by traders.

The reasons why some people fail in making money in forex seems to be psychological, impatience, lack of knowledge about forex market, money management and so on.

In this article, we are going to share some tips that will ensure you make money online trading forex. These tips apply to both newbies and professional traders, and they include:

Attend Forex School

It is important that you learn how to trade forex before you invest money in the market. Learning how to trade forex is a continuous process, but you should spend much time learning the basics of trading.
I will recommend you attend the school of forex on babypips to learn all you need to know about forex trading. In babypips, there are different levels of learning from the primary to the tertiary. By the time you finish the courses, you will be familiar with all you need to know about forex trading.

With this lesson, you will be more knowledgeable to trade forex, and this will help you to make money trading forex.

Learn About Money Management

Without proper money management, you will trade at a high risk of losing your money. When you fail to apply an appropriate money management in your trading, your investment will be at risk especially when placing a trade with a huge amount of money.

It is recommended that you risk only 10% of your capital when trading to avoid the risk of wiping out your account. You should not be greedy and apply money management as you grow your account steadily.



Stick To A Trading Plan

There is so much trading setup available online, and most traders in their search for the Holy Grail keeps changing their trading plan. No trading plan is 100% accurate and as a forex trader, if you can score 75% accuracy then you should stick to the plan.

You should be disciplined enough to stick to a particular plan and not to switch to a new one anytime you plan to hit a stop loss.

Choosing The Right Timeframe

There are various timeframes on which you can trade forex and since every trader are different, so does the timeframe to use.

As a forex trader, you should know the timeframe that suits you, and this will determine the type of trader you become. You can trade the lower timeframes less than one hour if you have the time to stay in your system all day. This is the categories of the scalpers and most day traders.

While you can trade the higher timeframes for four hours and above if you have less time to monitor the market. The swingers and long-term trader belong to this group, and they can leave a trade for more than a day.

You should know the timeframe that suits you to be able to make money online trading forex.


There are lots of resources relating to forex trading online, as you can find so many trading methods, online brokers and other valuable resources.

You should find what suits you in forex trading and stick to it over time as this is one of the keys to making money online with forex trading. Take time to learn all about forex trading and be patient in trading forex as it is not a get rich quick scheme.

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