Suitable Glo Tariff Plan For Everyone

glo tariff plan

Glo is one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria and Africa, and they have a wide range of Glo tariff plan for everyone.

Glo is known for their affordable internet data plans but they also offer very cheap Glo tariff plans and many people are unaware of these call plan. With millions of Glo users, it is essential that you know the right Glo tariff plan that will be suitable for you.

In this article, we are going to list out the various Glo tariff plans and who should subscribe to them.
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Glo Infinito Tariff

This is a suitable Glo Tariff plan for people that want cheaper call rates or make calls for a long time. This Glo call cost 20k per second to any network in Nigeria. You can call ten registered Glo number on your family and friends list for just 11k per second, and that is about 15 minutes of N100 airtime.
You can migrate to Glo infinito by dialing *100*9*2#.

Glo Twin Bash Tariff

This is a Glo tariff that offers you more regarding airtime bonuses and data for surfing the internet. You will get an equal amount of airtime you recharge as well as an equal amount of data to surf the net. For example, if you recharge N200, you get additional N200 bonus airtime and 200 MB to surf the net.

This plan is suitable for those that want to surf the internet especially checking on their social media platforms. However, you should note that loading N100 will give you just 20 Mb only.
You can migrate to Glo Twin bash by dialing *233*Pin#

Glo Bounce Plan

Glo Bounce is another unique call plan for those that enjoy talking on the phone for a long duration. Glo bounce charges 15k per seconds to call any network in Nigerian, and you will be charged 11k per second to other Glo bounce customers. You are entitled to 20MB for every recharge of N200 and above.

You can migrate to Glo bounce by dialing *170*4#

Glo Overload Tariff

Glo Overload Tariff is one of the best and cheapest tariffs on Glo tariff plans with incredible bonuses. It offers you 400% of any recharge above N200 and offers you 15MB data bonus to surf the net.
You should note you will be charged N36 per minute for the first-minute call of each day and you will get a minute free for every 3 minutes calls. You should also know that the data bonus is only valid for one day.

To migrate to Glo Overload Tariff plan, dial *200#.

Glo Gbam Plan

This is one of the cheapest plans you can find on Glo Tariff plan for international calls. You pay 11k per second to all Nigeria networks and 20k per seconds to the US, UK, China, India and Canada, and SMS rate of N10 per SMS.

You will be charged the N5 access fee for each day you make a call.

You should dial *100*6*1# to migrate to Glo Gbam Plus.

You should choose the Glo Tariff Plan that suits you if you are more of an internet user or person that makes more calls.

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