How To Effectively Use Twitter For Digital Marketing

How to effectively use twitter for digital marketing

Twitter is one of the best platforms for digital marketing as it is popular around the world, with over 200 million active Twitter accounts of which 53 million are in the United States.

So with this number, you can understand why you should be active on Twitter to effectively market online. The 140 characters can do wonders as we have seen how Twitter and other social media platforms had influenced happenings in the world such as the Arab spring. And this can be used effectively in digital marketing.

When it comes to digital marketing, one can leverage the Twitter platform to reach out to more people and target audience that will be interested in your business. Social media marketing has played an important role in the growth of businesses online, and this is due to the ever-increasing amount of social media active users. And twitter being one of the most popular social platforms is a great tool for social media marketing.



In this article, we will explain ways in which you can use Twitter effectively for digital marketing:

1. Have a bio of your business or brand

One of the most important information you should take time to write is your bio on your social media platform. Your bio will tell more about you to those who you caught their attention, and so you should have your business or brand you are promoting on your bio. This is one way people can easily reach you through your twitter account. Your bio should be as short as possible, with your company name and your position, as well as the company website and email address.

2. Get the attention of influencers 

There are those that are highly regarded based on their expertise or knowledge in a particular area or field. Now, these people can influence people to follow or accept a brand, as they usually have lots of followers. One thing you should do is to identify those influencers in your filed and interact with them. Follow them, retweet their tweets and reply their messages, as people that follow these influencers will get to notice you also and in the process, you are getting seen in that field. This is one of the main tricks in social media marketing, in getting attention from your niche group.

3. Tweet as often as possible

 If you ever want to get noticed on Twitter, then you should tweet on a regular basis. Get involved with different people and tweet on popular topics as often as possible. You do not have to tweet on topics related to your niche alone, make friends from different niche as you get involved in politics, music, and entertainment and so on. These tactics will get you more friends and followers on social media platforms and get to make more influence on the platform. With more followers, your tweet can reach out to more people, and your profile will grow on twitter platform.

4. Ask for retweets, mention, and followers

 One of the best social media marketing tactics is to get noticed as people retweet your tweets, mention or follows you especially social media influencers. This will gain you more exposure on twitter especially those in your area of expertise. So you should ask for mentions, retweets and follow back as it is normal practice on this platform, especially from family and friends.

5. Respond to mention and replies promptly

Twitter is fast moving platform and today news can get old in just some few hours. So you should attend to mentions and replies as soon as possible and get the topic going for as long as you can.

6. Retweets and favorite tweets 

You will get noticed by people when you retweet or favorite their tweets, especially those of social media influencers. These people will notice you and even get to check out your tweets and also retweets and favorite the ones they find interesting.

7. Trends and hashtags 

One of the effective ways of efficiently using Twitter for digital marketing is to make use of trends and hashtags. You should always check out the trending topics and not only tweet about them, but also find a way of placing your links related to these trending topic to reach out to more people. This is another way you can use social media marketing to reach out to more people.

8. Special offers and gift 

This is a sure way to get people attention, especially on social media platforms. You can offer prize gift or gift to those that follow you or retweets your links, and this will increase your popularity on the platform.

Social media marketing has changed the way we market our brand and businesses both offline and online. With social media platforms such as Twitter, you can go global and reach out to millions of people and expand your horizon.

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