How To Increase The Speed Of Your Android Phone

I am sure that the speed your android phone operates may have reduced from the first time you bought the android phone.

This is common as you would have loaded applications, pictures, files and documents which would have occupied space on the android phone. This will reduce the speed of the phone as less space will be available for the operating system.

In this article, we are going to list out ways in which you can increase the speed of your android phone and increase its efficiency.

Free Up More Space

You will increase the speed of your android phone when you free up more space by deleting pictures and files you do not need. You will be surprised at the stuff you do not need when you go through your gallery and files, and these things just occupy space on your storage.

You will free up more space for the android phone to operate efficiently when you delete these pictures and documents that you do not need. I once free up to 600 MB of files and documents that I do not need, from pictures taken by my nephews and unnecessary files saved in my storage.

Uninstall Applications You Do Not Need

You should uninstall applications that you do not make use of or that you can open easily on your browser. These applications take much space in your phone memory and reduce the number of applications will increase the speed of the android phone.

You can easily uninstall the application by holding on to the application and choose to uninstall option that pops up.

Disable Animation And Reduce Brightness

Another way in which you can increase the speed and efficiency of your android phone is by disabling animation and reducing the brightness of your phone. Animation and increased brightness can take much memory on the RAM, and this will reduce the speed of the android phone.

When you disable animation and reduce the brightness, you will free up more space on your RAM for the operating system to operating freely.

Remove Widget From Your Android Phone

There is no point having a widget on your android phone when they are of no use to you. You should disable any such widget as they take a fair amount of storage space on your RAM and reduces speed.

You should only keep widget that is of considerable use to you so you can free up more space for the android phone to operate faster.

Close Down Any Unused Applications

While Android phones provide you the opportunity to multitask by opening up various application, this can also affect your RAM. One thing that is common among Android phone users is that they fail to completely shut down running apps.

They leave these apps to run in the background, thus taking much of the RAM which will affect the speed of the phone. You can completely close down running applications by holding down the home key, and the running applications will appear, you can now swipe any of the applications you wish to close to close them completely. This will free up more space on the increase the speed of the phone as more space is freed for operations.

Clear Cache

One way to speed up your android phone by reducing the memory on the RAM is to clear out the cache. The cache is needed for an application to run smoothly and faster. However, they can regenerate when you clear them.

The cache can occupy space on your storage and reduce the speed of the android phone when they pile up. You can reduce this by holding down the application, going to App info and selection storage where you will find clear cache.

You should clear your cache on your phone every once a while to free up more space for your android phone.

Clear Downloaded Files

You should go to your download folders and clear out the files that you no longer needed. You will find stuff that you downloaded some time ago, and you no longer need, just occupying space. And one thing you have to consider is that some files do replicate themselves in a different folder when you download them. You have to go to the download folder to sort out those files and delete them

Restarting Your Device

This should be done under extreme circumstances like when the phone is hanging, or applications refuse to respond. Restarting the phone will help shut down running applications that might be causing the phone to slow down or clear up the cache and help restore the phone.

Rooting Your Phone

This is another useful way of speeding up your android phone as you will unlock the phone and have access to restricted areas. Rooting your phone will aid you in moving applications from the RAM to the memory card thus reducing the space occupied on the RAM.

Rooting should be done by a professional as it is a delicate process that can damage your android phone.


A fast android phone is more fun and efficient when operated by users, as it does stuff faster and efficiently.

We should be more conscious of the storage memory and what we store or download on our phones as this may affect the speed of the android phone.

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