How To Make Money On Jumia

make money on jumia platform

Jumia is one of the biggest retail online store operating in Nigeria and other countries in the world, and you can make money online from jumia.

Jumia can be regarded as the number one online store in Nigeria closely followed by its biggest competitor, Konga and this is where many people shop for clothes, phones, gadgets and even groceries. While many people will know Jumia as a place where you can buy online, some others are making money from this platform, taking advantage of its global reach to millions of people.

How To Make Money Doing Anything Online

In this article, we are going to list ways in which you can make money online from the Jumia platform:

1. Become A Jumia Sales Consultant: Jumia is a well-known platform, and they are running a program that will help people to make some money whereas they make money as well. Jumia introduced a consultancy program, where they train people to become a Jumia consultant and assist them to sell the products on their platform as a middleman as they receive a commission from every sale made through their account as a consultant. These trainings are held in every major city in the country throughout the year and if you are interested in knowing when one will be available in your city just drop a comment.

2. Jumia Affiliate Program: you can also make money online through the Jumia platform be registering for their affiliate program and promoting the platform on your website, blog, social media, and any other online platform. Jumia provides you with the needed support to help you grow and reach out to more people as an affiliate, and you will receive a commission for everyone that purchased the platform using your link.

3. Sell Your Products On Jumia: You can, of course, make money by selling your products on Jumia platform where you can reach out to millions of potential customers. Jumia will have to inspect the quality of your product to ensure that it meets up to the standard of the platform, as Jumia has a reputation of providing the best quality products to their customers. You will also be allowed to set the price of your product, and the percentage you will offer to the platform will be negotiated.

4. Buying And Selling Products From Jumia: Jumia have a broad range of products from groceries, phone, fashion, men, and women accessories and you can make money buying these products from the platform and selling them to your customers. Jumia does offer clearance sale, and there is an opportunity to buy a product at a percentage sliced from the original price. This will provide you an opportunity to make a profit by buying these products with price slashed and sold them to make a profit. You can buy products in bulk especially as the price will usually be reduced and you have a great opportunity of making a huge profit.

So with these few opportunities mentioned above, you can make money from the jumia platform and not just spend money buying on this platform.

For More information on how to register as a consultant or affiliate and make money on this platform, please drop a comment.

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