Best Mobile Applications for Writers

You no longer need to be on your computer system or laptop if you want to write, as you can easily do this on your Smartphone.

There has been so much development of applications for mobile phones, that you can do much with them that you can do just a few years back. There are applications that you can download on your Smartphone and you can write your articles, eBook or journals on your mobile phones.
This is very good for writers, as you can literally take your work anywhere with you.

Below are some of the best applications you should download on your Smartphone to make your writing much easy and convenient for you.

Words to GO

Microsoft Words had greatly improved their mobile applications from what it used to be some few years back. You can do anything on the mobile application that is possible on your desktop or laptop. These applications are available on IOS, android and windows platforms and are mostly free. They make things easy for you to write on the go, as soon as you see something worth writing about or got hit by an inspiration.

There are other good writing applications you can get on the various mobile platforms such as Writer Plus, iA Writer, Jotter Pad and so on.


If you want to write on your mobile application, you have to be able to synchronize all your files and be able to make use of them from any device you are on. This is where you will need Dropbox, as, with this application, you can synchronize your file and be able to make use of them whenever you are on any of your devices.

Google Drive

You can also make use of Google Drive for sharing and synchronizing your files especially if you make use of Android devices. With these sharing devices, you can be able to save your work and edit or work on them when you are on your desktop or laptop.


Whitesmoke is one of the best application you can get on your mobile to check for grammar error, given that grammar checker like Grammarly is not available on mobile platforms. All you have to do when using this application is to copy your write up and paste it on the Whitesmoke application and the errors will be highlighted with results of corrections to choose from. This application helps you to write a grammar-free write-up.

There are many alternative mobile applications to WhiteSmoke you can get on IOS, android and windows platform, but this is one of the best I will recommend.


You will also need a dictionary as a writer, not to necessary correct spellings but to get the actual meaning of words and how to use them properly in sentences. There is so many dictionary applications available for Windows, IOS and Android platform, as you choose the one you are used to and familiar with.

These applications had made it easy for one to write using your mobile phones.

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