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Best Mobile Applications for Writers

You no longer need to be on your computer system or laptop if you want to write, as you can easily do this on your Smartphone.
There has been so much development of applications for mobile phones, that you can do much with them that you can do just a few years back. There are applications that you can download on your Smartphone and you can write your articles, eBook or journals on your mobile phones.
This is very good for writers, as you can literally take your work anywhere with you.

Below are some of the best applications you should download on your Smartphone to make your writing much easy and convenient for you.

Words to GO
Microsoft Words had greatly improved their mobile applications from what it used to be some few years back. You can do anything on the mobile application that is possible on your desktop or laptop. These applications are available on IOS, android and windows platforms and are mostly free. They make things easy for you to write on the go, as soon as you see som…

10 Ways to Burn Calories without Going to the Gym

Burning off calories is not just for those that overweight, as it keeps the body in a good and healthy state.
Calories intake to the body is not as bad as most people think it is, as it is needed by the body. However, excess calories in the system are not good as it can lead to overweight and other adverse health effects.

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It is advisable to exercise to burn excess calories out of the system, but going to the gym regularly is not as feasible as most of us want it. A lot of activities keeps us from going to the gym, and in this article, we are going to list ways to burn calories without hitting the gym.

1. Eat Right: you have to consider what you eat, as you watch your calories intake to reduce calories build up in your body. According to studies carried out by webmd, there is some food intake that will help reduce the number of calories in your system and this will help your system in building up excess calories.

2. Taking a Walk: if you cann…

Launch Your Website Today

You should not underestimate the power of the internet for your business or you personal use.

Since the inception of the internet, it had come to be part of our everyday life, in every aspect of our life, from socializing, communicating, business and so on.

That is why at EZeeConcept, we help you build your business online, taking you to the next level.

Our services include:
• Building website for small to medium scale businesses, and for personal use
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