Ireland is in Northern Europe, an island off the coast of Great Britain in the North Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is bounded in the North by Northern Ireland which is part of Great Britain Geographically.

Ireland has a very rich culture and history which makes it a tourist attraction for tourist and it is also a likely destination for a student seeking for quality education at a very affordable cost. Ireland belongs to the European union which makes it easy for those whose country belongs to the European Union has an advantage over others, but it is still a valid destination for those seeking affordable quality education

Cost of Studying In Ireland.

The cost of studying in Ireland is relatively affordable as it depends on the country you are applying from, to study in Ireland. The cost varies according to the institution, the course you intend to study and if you are from a member state of the European Union.

In some cases, they are scholarship programs available from the institutions, organization or the Irish Governmental body. it is advised that you contact the institution of your choice to ascertain information about scholarship programs that are accepted and how to apply to them.

The list below has some of the scholarship programs you can search and apply for:

·         DIT Centenary Scholarship Program
·         Generation Study Abroad Scholarship – Irish Universities ( US Students)
·         Claddagh Scholarship Programme (Chinese Students)
·         Opportunities in Ireland For Ontario College Students.
·         Fullbright Scholarship
·         Postgraduate Fellowship: The Welsh Fellowship
·         Master Scholarship Programmes for Brazilian Students
·         Irish Research Councils for Humanities and Social Sciences.
·         Uversity Creative Impact Scholarship.
·         Law PhD Scholarship Opportunities at DCU.
·          National College of Ireland Scholarship.
·         NUI Galway International Student Scholarship
·         DCU International Student Scholarship
·         Maynooth  University Scholarship
·         UCC excellence Scholarship
·         UCD Scholarship
·         Trinity College Dublin Scholarship
·         And so much more scholarship for Universities in Ireland.

Cost of Living In Ireland

The cost of living in Ireland varies and it depends on the city, the type of accommodation, the course of study and lifestyle. However, if you choose to cut down on some overhead expenses you can afford the cost of living in the cities in Ireland, with part time jobs along with your studies. It is believed that on an average a student will spend between 7000 Pounds and 12 000 pounds in a year.

Below is a list of some approximated cost expenditures in Ireland:


A bedroom apartment in city – 1300 EUR
A Three bedroom apartment in city – 2300 EUR
A bedroom apartment outside city – 1000 EUR
A bedroom apartment outside city – 1700 EUR

Food Items

1 liter of milk - 1 EUR
Dozen eggs – 3 EUR
1kg of rice – 1.65 EUR
Loaf of white bread – 1.56 EUR
1kg pack of chicken – 8EUR
Coca Cola 1 liter – 2 EUR
The lifestyle outside of the city is moderate and very affordable compared to living in the city.

Admission Requirement

To qualify for an undergraduate program and study in any university in Ireland, all you will need is your School Leaving Certificate from your country of application. To apply for Master’s program in Universities in Ireland, you will need a good Bachelor Degree from a higher institution in your country, preferably with a 2.1(Honors Second Class) qualification. When applying for a PhD program, you should possess a relevant Diploma or Master Degree program.

Language Requirement for Studies

You are not required to speak Irish as a student when applying to study at any university in Ireland, if English is your first language, or you have a good command of the English language. However, if English is not your first language, you will have to provide a test result from your studies at upper secondary school or results of your English language scores from TOEFL or IELTS scores to ascertain your understanding of English language, passing the required minimum score.

Application Deadline: Intake/Deadline Period

The application deadline for the universities in Ireland varies according to the programs of the universities and their courses, and also the country of origin of the students, those of EU countries differ from those that are from Non-EU countries. So it is advisable to check on the universities you intend to apply to, through their websites and get information from the Ireland embassies in your country.

However, from information gathered the application for undergraduates of EU students closes on February 1 with late application till May 1 for most universities in Ireland. While for graduate EU and the none EU student as well as undergraduate EU students applications vary in various universities according to the choice of programs, thus it is advisable to keep in touch with the universities, checking the websites for updates on programs that are of interest to you.

How to Apply To Universities in Ireland

The admission process of each university and institutions varies according to the programs available; you should check for the admission processes of the institutions of your choice and apply through the process given.
Here is a list of the universities and higher institutions in Ireland:

1.       Dublin City University
2.       National University of Ireland
3.       Maynooth University
4.       NUI Galway
5.       University College Cork
6.       University College Dublin
7.       University of Limerick
8.       University of Dublin
9.       Trinity College.
10.   Dublin Institute of Technology
11.   Athlone Institute of Technology
12.   Institute of Technology, Blanchard town
13.   Institute of Technology, Carlow
14.   Cork Institute of Technology
15.   Dun Laoghaire Institute of Technology
16.   Dundalk Institute of Technology
17.   Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
18.   Letterkenny Institute of Technology
19.   Limerick Institute of Technology
20.   Institute of Technology, Sligo
21.   Institute of Technology, Tallaght
22.   Institute of Technology, Traiee
23.   Waterford Institute of technology
24.   Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
25.   Garda Siochana College
26.   Military College, Curragh Camp
27.   National Ambulance Service College
28.   St Angela’s College of Education, Slogo
29.   Church of Ireland College of Education
30.   Marino Institute of Education
31.   Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
32.   St Patrick;s College, Thuries.

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