The internet had brought about new avenues in business, health, military and so much more, including stuff that we do every day like banking, shopping and so much more.

In business, the internet had help in so many ways, from the way we do business to time spent in doing business and also in reaching out to more client globally. The internet had also brought new opportunities, creating more business venture.

The internet had created job opportunities of all kinds, from a stay at home jobs and had also brought employees, recruiters, and employers closer.

In this article, we are going to highlight some businesses you can start online without capital:

1.    Writing Jobs: you can start your writing business, writing articles online and get paid for it without investing a dime in this business. You just have to sort for a client that will pay you for writing for them.  Writing skills has become one of the most sought after skills online and you can sought for jobs from most freelance platforms such as freelancer, fiverr and so much more.
2.    Graphic Designers: Graphic designers is still as sought after as writers and you do not need a capital to start your graphic Designing business as you can advertise your service free of charge on freelancers platform and look for graphic designing jobs on these platforms.
3.    Forex Trading: yes I know many will doubt that you can start forex trading business without capital, but this is possible as some forex company who will offer you money to trade when you register on their platform. One of such company is XM, just click here to register and get your free money to start trading today.  You do have to learn how to trade forex by visiting babapips today.
4.    Affiliate Marketing: you can become an affiliate marketer for big companies like Amazon, Jumia, Konga and so much more when you register for them free of charge and market their product as you get paid a certain percentage as commission when customers buy these products through you. It is a very profitable online business and easy to set up.

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