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Ireland is in Northern Europe, an island off the coast of Great Britain in the North Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is bounded in the North by Northern Ireland which is part of Great Britain Geographically.
Ireland has a very rich culture and history which makes it a tourist attraction for tourist and it is also a likely destination for a student seeking for quality education at a very affordable cost. Ireland belongs to the European union which makes it easy for those whose country belongs to the European Union has an advantage over others, but it is still a valid destination for those seeking affordable quality education
Cost of Studying In Ireland. The cost of studying in Ireland is relatively affordable as it depends on the country you are applying from, to study in Ireland. The cost varies according to the institution, the course you intend to study and if you are from a member state of the European Union.
In some cases, they are scholarship programs available from the institutions, organiz…

Short Story: The Village Visitor

A man after many years staying abroad decides to visit his ancestral home and establish a project to help the community.
This man has acquired great wealth and his intention to establish a project that will benefit his community and to use someone in the community to run the project was known to all.
On his arrival, there were guests who came to grace his honor with gifts in a ceremony full of fanfare to welcome him to the village. The man was greatly pleased with the community for honoring his presence and this spur in to do more for the community. However, he had one great concern, he wants one who has the best interest of the community at heart and he had no way of judging the character of the people around since they were all being friendly, cordial and in their best behavior to gain his favor.
He has seven days to stay before he returns to the city and he has to look for someone he can entrust the project with. Now he was swarmed with visitors each day from family, relatives and…


The internet had brought about new avenues in business, health, military and so much more, including stuff that we do every day like banking, shopping and so much more.
In business, the internet had help in so many ways, from the way we do business to time spent in doing business and also in reaching out to more client globally. The internet had also brought new opportunities, creating more business venture.
The internet had created job opportunities of all kinds, from a stay at home jobs and had also brought employees, recruiters, and employers closer.
In this article, we are going to highlight some businesses you can start online without capital:
1.    Writing Jobs: you can start your writing business, writing articles online and get paid for it without investing a dime in this business. You just have to sort for a client that will pay you for writing for them.  Writing skills has become one of the most sought after skills online and you can sought for jobs from most freelance platfo…


There is a saying that if you wake up at the right side of the bed, you will have a great day, and if you wake up on the wrong side, then your day wouldn’t be as great.
It has been found that if you are happy when you wake up, you will probably have a great day no matter the disappointment or any negative event that sprung up that day. This is likely because you will not react to any situation bust respond to them as your attitude will let you do on that happy day. 
 I am sure you will remember how nothing brought your mood down on such happy day, but when you are moody, even the slightest provocation can get you angry and raged on the rest of the day. Now, it is believed that getting your mood right in the morning will determine how the rest of your day will go, so in this article, we are going to highlight five things you should do in the morning so you can have a nice and fulfilled day:
1.Avoid Checking Mails First Thing In The Morning: with the smartphone, most people check their e…

Will Barcelona Be The Best Club For Wenger?

Uncertainty in Arsenal as Wenger future at the club seems to be coming to an end.
With fans divided over their loyalty, as some fans believed Wenger had to leave for the club to break the title winning jinx. Although, Wenger had come out to pledge his unfading loyalty to Arsenal, with Barcelona keenly knocking at the door after Enrique decision to leave at the end of the season. It is believed that Wenger needs Barcelona as well as Barcelona needs him.

Barcelona needs Wenger as he will understand and function well in their style of football and youth development. As well as Wenger needs Barcelona to cement his legendary status as a manager, as he will have high chances of winning trophies with the club.

Wenger had never been known for flinching on his decision, thus his chances of leaving Arsenal remains very slim. But will the opportunity of managing Barcelona, especially at this point of his Arsenal career be tempting enough?