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The International Olympic Committee has lift the ban on all Russian athletes for Rio 2016. The ban was issued early as Russian Federation was accused of state sponsoring doping of athletes after their athlete were tested positive to banned substances.
Russian athletes will now be allowed to competite  though they may have to pass some strict conditions set up by the IOC.
Some athlete had voiced their  disapproval of what they see as the IOC bowing to a mighty power, that is the Russian government.
The Russian goverment is one of the major supporter of the IOC and this is seen by many as a favor to the Russian government for his long time support.

Henry Leaves Arsenal Over Row With Wenger

Henry has left his position as Arsenal youth coach over row with Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger. It was reported that Wenger asked the Arsenal Legend to leave his position at Sky Sport as a pundit and focus on his Arsenal job.  
Henry joined Arsenal as a youth coach for free after he turned down a paid offer for the job. He works four days a week at Arsenal. He earns €4 million a year for his pundit job at sky sport.
Wenger wanting Henry to leave Sky Sport may be related to Henry comments on Arsenal and Arsenal senior players which Wenger felt uncomfortable with. Henry had criticized Arsenal approach of recent and mostly some of his players especially Giroud and Wenger had been uncomfortable with these criticism and believe they are too harsh on his team.
Other sources believe that Wenger is uncomfortable with Henry presence around as Henry has made his intention to take over someday as manager and with a year left on Wenger contract, they felt he is uncomfortable with Henry around.

Juan Mata, The Unappreciated One

Juan Mata is most likely to be on the move again under no other than the special one Jose Mourinho once again. Juan Mata, a player who may have been getting used to disappointment of recent after missing out on being selected for Spanish squad in the ongoing Euro2016 is being chased away once more from a place where he thought as home.
Juan Mata who many people will testify as a player who is loved by his fellow players and fans alike, may be feeling much less appreciated for a player with his skills and ability as he is being sieved out as unwanted shaft in Manchester United as he seems supplus to Jose Mourinho. This is not the first time Juan Mata will be facing such predicament in his career. He was dished out of Chelsea by same Mourinho on his second return to Chelsea, after he, Mata has been the outstanding player for the club the previous two seasons. What may seems so unjustifiable was the way some fans quickly turn against him that he was not needed him the club and Mourinho …

Tips For Healthy Living

The way we live our life and our daily routine can have effect on our health both physically and mentally. Studies have shown that smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not eating right can deteriorate our body physically that it may shorten one’s life span. Recent studies had deduces that a combination of those lifestyle can reduce lifespan by 12 years.

Now the lifestyle we choose or the way we choose not to live can affect our lifestyle and we have to consciously cultivate some habit so in time they become part of us and become a subconscious habit.

There are some few habit one has to start to imbibe in our lifestyle till they become part of our daily routine so as to improve the quality of life.

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1. Regular exercise: while it may not be possible to exercise every day, it is proper that we draw a routine for exercising. Set days of the week out to carry out intense exercise, like take 3 to 4 days a week, if you can’t get the necessary equipment or you are not …