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waking today I found that there are a lot of things that I had on my mind to do, but I kept on procrastinating and everything had now piled up to a lot of to dos. But today as I lay in my bed I had decided to start at least from somewhere, and that’s how I got up this morning to write this blog because I had always wanted to start a blog and write at least three times a week.
Procrastination as we know is push forward something you are suppose to do at a certain time or to delay an action that’s is to be taken. And I can tell you it has really adverse effect.
From experience I can tell you that procrastination can make make us to loose out on a lot of things that is supposed to come our way if we had taken action at that time. You can loose that person you love if you don’t tell how you feel about them, you can just keep it in you mind hoping for a opportuned time to let them know - the time is now. Delay is dangerous, time waits for no man, let me give you an instance when I was in junior school, I had a crush on a girl, but I never did tell her how I feel because I was waiting for the right time which never came. I saw her yesterday, we started talking and she told me how she had a crush on me and how she thought I was not interested in her. Guess what, she is engage now. Ouch how I lost out, how I wish I had just done what was on my mind then. Even if she had turned me down I would feel like such a fool now. I could not even dare to tell how that I felt the same for her then because I was ashamed of myself. I wised her luck and we departed. The incident sent me thinking hard as I went to bed on the adverse effect of procrastinating and before I dozed off I promise myself to put all what on paper(not much, but the once that I can see through) on paper and get things done as planed within a time range both in my personnel and business life.
What about that thing you had always had on your mind to do, I bet you now is the right time to get it out of your mind, there is no better time than now. And I will advise you to take that step now and I bet you will feel much better after you had it out off your system and go to the next step.
I had found out in my case some of the reasons that made us to procrastinate are:

Fear- we fear of the unknown, what we happen if I don’t succeed, what will people say and so on. But does it really matter if you fail or win, it just the satisfaction of knowing you have tried and learning from the experience and by not trying you will never known so what is the deal of just sitting down thinking about it.

Laziness- we feel more comfortable doing nothing sitting down to our best TV show to give a damn about taking action on things that are on our mind. We prefer the comfort of our homes to go out and make that change we always wanted. Look for that zeal to get up and change your life.

Insecure- most of us feel insecure, that we are not capable enough, not handsome enough, not smart enough, not rich enough. To tell you the truth nobody hs ever had enough, not even Bill Gate. Every one has an aspect in which they are lacking, so too they have aspect in which they are good out. So know yourself and where you are good and make that your strong point to improve your self-esteem. Don’t bother yourself on what you are lacking. Try to improve your self esteem. Life is not about how much you have but what you do with what you have, so don’t look at what you don’t have, concentrate on what you have.

We should try to take action and maybe we can change ourselves and become what we really want to be and maybe change the world.

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