living life

Most time before I go to sleep, I usually take time to reflect, it can be on anything from what happen that day, on what I would like to do the next , just about anything that comes to my mind. When I am about to go to bed are one of the few times I have quite moment to myself, when I can have sometime to reflect.
Last night, my mind raced back to my first lecture in the university. I will always remember that lecture because my lecturer said something that day that really had me pondering. He said that life is made up of three stages - birth, living and death. Of these three stages we are only conscious of when we are living. As for birth, you surely can’t remember the first thing you saw or how you felt on that graceful day you came to this world. Then for death we surely can’t tell, not for now. So what we are really accountable for is how we live our life. We are not accountable for who our parents are, what religion we are born into or the place of our birth.
So I was pondering before I went to bed how I was living my life. I began to ask myself questions - was I living my life for me? Or was I living for people, doing what they expect me to do. Was I happy with what I am doing or I had let my passion slip away? How is my life affecting people around me? Do I make a positive impact on the people around me and my environment?
I believe we have one life and we should live it to the best we can, enjoying life the way we can, living life with passion and full of hope and we should have a positive impact on the people around us and our environment.

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